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Like I was born with it. I see through so much. My other aspects are as follows so if there is really anything to astrology, am I screwed or do I need to just channel these things in the right way and what could a shaman possibly do if these things are already fixed.

It seems I need to work harder than must to find balance, peace, and joy in life. I have been told I am very intense, but I am not loud. I am still trying to get over a bad relationship in which I refused to see how awful it was and it seems at times like the final straw to have been severely and emotionally used and damaged greatly by a narcissist.

I feel it so intensely I have a hard time being around any scene or even that reminds me of him and the power he has in it. It is going to take a long time to heal I feel and I just have to accept that. I often think of past lives and have a constant feeling to go to places I feel like I have been or belong. I also have a nonstop search for knowledge and truth. It has been worsened by a drawn out relationship where I of course got my heart broke, a couple times. This is crazy accurate. Finally, some really accurate information on Lilith in Pisces. All of this really resonated with me.

I have my moon in Pisces too. I have found this placement incredibly difficult to understand. In fact, slowly but surely, my whole life has ground to a halt by the weight of this incredible Lilith in Pisces anchor. I tick many of the boxes, lives in another world, depression, musically orientated, strong sense of hearing and an acute sensitivity to sound and extraordinarily subtle vibrations…particularly of the psychic kind.

These memories are as fresh as if they just happened. I feel this is very much part of the Lilith in Pisces affect. Also, does anyone else with this placement feel that their depression is caused by the complete futility of the current human way of existing? I always feel this enormous sadness in me when I see that humans have this wonderful playground and they choose to create a hellish reality instead of using this space to develop something profoundly beautiful. Perhaps we all suspect that we need to escape to a different world because this one is too unnecessarily damaged. I feel your comment word by word.

Please subscribe me to your site. I found your interpretation of Lilith in Pisces to be uncannily accurate. Thank you! You are absolutely amazing; thank you for sharing your gift; you help us to heal by knowing our selves. Lilith in 12th house Pisces is wrecking my life. I also have Moon in 12th house but in Aquarius. Asc in Pisces. Sun Trine Neptune. Neptune square Venus. Neptune sextile Pluto. Neptune in Sagitarius in 9th house. NN in 8th house Scorpio. Uranus in 7th house trine Moon. I am currently obsessed with finding myself and to find oneness with the universe. I feel insanity, too much empathy and also the need to escape.

I am not in sync with everything around me. I feel very out of place and that no one understands me. I am unable to sustain any relationships because of my inability to relate to the mundane world.

Who is Lilith?

I am mostly depressed although I hardly show it as I am usually alone. I also neglect being a good mother to my young daughter who is being cared after by my mother and I feel very guilty about it. I am a single mother and I work as a freelance writer and a musician. I try my best to be of service to others all the time hoping that self-sacrifice might help. I also think I have healing abilities.

I believe I was born different and with certain prior knowledge. I have been practising non-attachment all these while. I have this urge to find someone whom I can totally devote too. I know it is also impossible that is why I have chosen non-attachment. I have always thought of myself as a kite… waiting, waiting, waiting…. It was extremely interesting reading this description, and all the comments, though i cannot say it is comforting.

I would love a spark of hope and guidance, or am i naive in believing that we can find healthy love and peace yet? My Lilith is retrograde in the 4th house and in Pisces so I can totally relate to feeling like the victim and feeling alone especially feeling like the black sheep—not so sure about the physic abilities. I am an artist though with very vivd dreams, and they sometimes lead to moments of deja-vu in the real world.

General Astrology

I can be intense with a Scorpio rising but I think my Virgo Sun helps to harmonize my relations seeing as I have a need to help people and fix chaotic situations but as far as relationships go, while I agree with the darker sexual inclinations, I could never be with a person who abuses me in any way because I have a fierce streak of independence with a Moon in Sagittarius so while I do have a need to be loved and accepted I have even a greater desire to accept myself and be my own best friend.

Unfortunately, I experience intense rifts of depression that leave as fast a they come. But with my teen years finally over I feel happier and rejuvenated. On point for me. I have prophetic dreams and I am a channel.

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I have suffered from depression on and off my whole life. However, some parts are a little off.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

As even though my true Lilith is in Pisces, my mean Lilith is in Aries. I think a lot of people who read this, expect to see a complete comparison. For example, for me, a lot of the uncertainty and softness of this placement is hardened and spiced up by a very dominant Aires in my chart, including my rising sign and a sun sign in Aquarius. Consider other influences in your personality from other planets.

Lilith in pisces celebrities

Some could cancel out or balance undesirable traits. I can relate to some of the descriptions but others are very off. I do feel very receptive to my environment about half the time , i know that i have an incredible imagination and a deep interest in philosophy, the occult and psychology. I was born around the same time as Aleister Crowley who i guess is a fellow Lilith Pisces and i feel like i can relate to his desire to do the impossible. Lilith is all i have in Pisces though, so Pisces is likely not a very powerful influence in my chart.

I have a Sagittarius Mars and Scorpio Venus which may influence my approach to relationships.

Lilith in the 12th House

I know that i am not a masochist because any attempt at dominating me sexually by a lover turns me off immediately. In fact, i think i have some sadistic tendencies since i do seem to be aroused by feeling as if i have power and dominance over others sexually and emotionally. This brings so much comfort for me, knowing that I am not alone in feeling this strange, stuck-between-worlds, half-light life every day. I find myself attracted to places that feel in-between, especially old buildings, abandoned buildings, etc. Go out into nature, where it is quiet, find a tree and sit under it, feel how sturdy their roots are, even though the wind may shake their leaves.

Thank you, Sanja, for your incredibly intuitive and thorough astrological analysis— you have given us such a gift. Also, most of this rings true for me. The moment I decided to take responsibility for myself and my environment changed everything. Your email address will not be published. I think if you were a mind of a few generations earlier, you would have been up there with many of the Great Writers, but alas, you are instead a great writer in your own rite — and an honorary mind of today — Honors.

Need I say keep up the good work? Alexandra Sanja Peric… May your energies spread 7 fold, 7 fold faster and 7 fold stronger — to the next 7 generations for the next 7 millennia. Saturn at the Border. Venus and Saturn — Fear of Happines.

Lilith In Pisces

Do you really think that homosexuals are perverse???? I have been called cold hearted by some ,thats only because i think they dont understand me just wanted to add that my lilith is conjunct my pisces moon by a 2 degree orb in the 10th house. Thank you for this article. It makes sense.

Of course, it could be just me… Thanks x. Dreams, mysticism, astral projection, etc… are important to me. All these have taken the joy out of living.

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